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Crystaluxe Sàrl

Crystaluxe´s story begins with the incredible journey of two cousins: Monika and Jana, both born in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Until age 8, the cousins grew up happily together behind the iron curtain that then separated Europe in two. However, their life took on different paths when Monika and her parents emigrated to Switzerland in 1968, shortly after the Prague Spring and the ensuing Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.

This led the cousins to lose touch for the following 40 years, while both pursued their different careers separately. Jana had owned her very own company and subsequently sold it with success, while Monika gained some professional expertise in the export division of a luxury cosmetics and perfume corporation.

Both women having had successful careers of their own as well as grown up children, they were now looking to challenge themselves with something new and yet authentic. Monika’s wish to intensify relations with her birth country and their shared love for art, craftsmanship, luxury and elegant objects gave birth to the will to promote authentic Czech crystal. Glass manufacturing in the Czech Republic is known for its 500 year old tradition and combines Czech expertise with dazzling creativity and outstanding designs.

In 2017, after spending more than 4 decades apart, Jana and Monika finally realized their common dream and founded Crystaluxe Sàrl in order to promote Czech handmade glass, and to share a part of their culture with the Swiss.

We are proud to share with you our passion for quality, luxury and design – the art of Czech crystal!

Czech Glass

Czech glassmaking is legendary. Its history started with the abundance of natural resources found in the Bohemian countryside. Possibly no other country in the world can pride itself on such a long tradition and especially uninterrupted activity of glassmaking throughout the centuries. Extensive areas of Bohemia are committed to glassblowing, reaching back as far as the 15th century and glassworks have stood for hundreds of years, with fire burning in the kilns without interruption until this day.

As far as the 13th century, Bohemian glassmakers mixed local potash with chalk to create clear and beautiful glass which emerged as having superior qualities to glass coming from elsewhere. Over the course of time, glassfactories have developed skills and techniques that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Blown, hand-cut, engraved, sandblasted, drilled and painted, czech decorative glassware became as prestigious as jewellery. It is internationally recognised for its high quality, craftsmanship and often innovative designs. The legacy of czech glassblowing is well alive, and today´s creativity results from the century old tradition of glassmaking in Bohemia.


Crystaluxe Sàrl

Monika Macal

Monika Macal

Avenue des Crêts 23
1256 Troinex | Switzerland
Tel.: 0041 79 303 42 52

Jana Nešutová

Jana Nešutová

Dřínová 28
612 00 Brno | Czech Republic
Tel.: 00420 733 123 100

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